Valentine’s Day or bust – Caper’s, Caramels and Chocolati

Regardless of my relationship status, I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day.  When I was single, it seemed like the perfect excuse to treat myself to some little luxuries – I mean, if I didn’t indulge myself, who would?  A favorite scenario was getting a lobster tail, bottle of champagne and special dessert from a local gourmet grocery, renting a romantic (by my standards) movie and having a lovely solo evening at home.  As part of a couple, finding a suitably romantic, out of the way restaurant and quirky, meaningful gift became the goal.  Single again, instead of pampering only myself, I’m making dinner, opening some wine and sharing the evening with a dear friend.

On Valentine’s Day, one of the best ways to show yourself, and those around you, the love is with sweets.  Though more of a ‘savory’ girl myself, a good caramel brings much joy and some of the best can be found at Caper’s in West Seattle.  They carry King Caramels, made nearby on Vashon Island.  Currently they have the Classic, Sea Salt and my favorite, Black Licorice.  Other flavors can be ordered directly at  Smooth, creamy, not overly sweet, they are what every caramel wants to be when it grows up.  While checking out, the girl behind the counter offered me a chocolate truffle (it was Art Walk and treats are often part of the event).  Though not a cacao fiend, it seemed rude to decline and I’m so glad I didn’t.  Chocolati Truffles are small, smooth mounds of heaven.  The rich, dense, intensely flavored chocolate is everything a high quality truffle should be.  I added several little boxes of truffles to my pile o’caramels and left the store with all my candy related Valentine’s needs covered.  Curiosity got the better of me and research revealed that Chocolati has several retail locations in Seattle, in addition to online availability.  The most damaging discovery, however, is that they have a “factory outlet store” in the Greenwood area – thankfully, it is only open Monday through Friday from 9-5 or there would be ongoing danger of weekend truffle forays.

With or without sweets or sweeties, I hope Valentine’s Day is a good reminder to love the one you’re with – you!


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