IFBC Day 2 – Words and pictures

Saturday comes too soon – the first session starts at 9:00, a time I’m usually still snoozing on a weekend.  But I get up and out and downtown and its soon obviously worth it.  I’ve read her stories and drooled over her recipes and all the personality I’ve come to expect is up on stage in the actual person of Kim Severson.  She’s funny, smart and tinier than her writing would lead you to believe.  The breadth of her experience and knowledge give her opinions and information so much weight, yet she is unassuming and warm.

Two breakout sessions later and my head is swimming – and not just because of the amazing cocktail they serve us as part of the holiday blogging demo.  Seasonal ingredients, styling, photo tips, finding an authentic writing voice – so much information, all of it useful, personal and necessary for a better blogging experience for both reader and writer.

A lamb session with Ethan Stowell,  the Grand Wine Tasting Reception and the Culinary Fair (more amazing food and wine) wrap up the second day of this adventure into the wide world of blogging.


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