IFBC Day 3 -Kathleen Flynn rocks the house

Sunday.  I love Sunday – the warm bed (just a few more minutes, because I can), a nice breakfast, lingering over the paper with a second cup of tea.  None of that happened today.

The last day of the confernce is sunny and cool and the traffic into downtown is practically nonexistent (yay – why can’t it always be like this?).  Bays English Muffins provides a light breakfast and a tip filled demo (seedless lemon wedges! perfectly lined cake pans!) and them we were off to some of the final sessions of the event.

In case you’re wondering, cauliflower and Harissa are the next big things – not together, though I can imagine something quite tasty happening with that combo, but as separate food trends.  Throw some flavored butter on it and you’ll be the hippest kid on the block.

The highlight of the day for me was the presentation by Kathleen Flynn (or as she was known to the Cordon Bleu instructors from her first book, “Meeez Fleeen”).  As a writer, she is funny, insightful, genuine and spot on with her information. Her presentation “Journalism 101 for Food Bloggers” was more of the same, with the addition of big gestures and lots of pacing.  All the stuff I learned in high school journalism came rushing back but with a specific purpose and her spin of experience.  It was the session with the most notes taken and the one that will make the most difference to what you see here moving forward.  And she had the best shoes of any presenter all weekend!


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